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  • Description: Type 2 AC surge protector - 3-phase
  • Standards compliance: IEC 61643-11 / EN 61643-11 / UL1449 ed.5
  • Certification: CSA /EAC/UL
  • Technology: MOV
  • SPD configuration: 3-phase+Neutral
  • Remote signaling of disconnection: option DS74RS-400 : output on changeover contact
  • Network: 230/400 V 3-phase+N
  • AC system: IT
  • Max. AC operating voltage : 440 Vac
  • Residual Current : < 4 mA
  • Max. discharge current by pole : 70 kA
  • Total Maximum discharge current : 280 kA
  • Admissible short-circuit current: 25 000 A

DS70R type 2 AC surge protector

They are used mainly for primary protection of single and three-phase networks at the main electrical panel. They provide common-mode protection and are available in one-phase, single-phase, 3-phase and 3-phase+Neutral. This SPD is based on association of high energy varistors equipped with thermal disconnector and failure indicator, to comply with standards. The DS70R surge protectors are designed to be used in a multipolar configuration to protect single-phase, 3-phase or 3-phase+N AC networks. Each pole of the SPD is connected between Line(s) and PE and Neutral and PE.

Version with a remote signaling for disconnection indication is also available (DS7*RS). The DS70R is available for the main values of AC voltages. The DS70R is DIN rail compatible and is built with a plug-in module (DSM70R-xxx) and a fixed base, which allows an easy and fast maintenance.


  • SPD type: 2
  • Network: 230/400 V 3-phase+N
  • AC system: IT
  • Nominal line voltage Un: 400 Vac
  • Max. AC operating voltage Uc: 440 Vac
  • Temporary Over Voltage (TOV) Charasteristics - 5 sec UT: 580 Vac withstand
  • Temporary Over Voltage (TOV) Charasteristics - 120 mn UT: 770 Vac disconnection
  • Residual Current Ipe: < 4 mA
  • Operating current Ic: < 1 mA
  • Follow current If: None
  • Nominal discharge current In: 30 kA
  • Max. discharge current Imax by pole: 70 kA
  • Total Maximum discharge current Imax Total: 280 kA
  • Protection mode(s): L/PE and N/PE
  • Protection mode(s): Common mode mode
  • Residuel voltage at 5 kA Up-5kA: 1.2 kV
  • Protection level N/PE Up N/PE: 1.8 kV
  • Protection level L/PE Up L/PE: 1.8 kV
  • Residuel voltage at 5 kA Up-10kA: 1.4 kV
  • Admissible short-circuit current Isccr: 25 000 A  


  • Technology: MOV
  • SPD configuration: 3-phase+Neutral
  • Connection to Network: By screw terminals: 2.5-25mm² (35mm² rigid)
  • Format: Plug-in modular box
  • Mounting: Symmetrical rail 35 mm (EN 60715)
  • Housing material: Thermoplastic UL94 V-0
  • Operating temperature Tu: -40/+85°C
  • Protection rating: IP20
  • Failsafe mode: Disconnection from AC network
  • Disconnection indicator: 2 mechanical indicator by pole
  • Spare module(s): DSM70R-400
  • Remote signaling of disconnection: option DS74RS-400 : output on changeover contact
  • Dimensions: See diagram - 4TE 
  • Weight: 0.496 kg


  • Standards compliance: IEC 61643-11 / EN 61643-11 / UL1449 ed.5
  • Certification: CSA /EAC/UL


  • Thermal disconnector: Internal
  • Installation ground fault breaker: Type S or delayed
  • Fuses: 100 A min. - 125 A max. - Fuses type gG


DS74R-400 Type 2 AC surge protector - 3-phase+N is connected in parallel on the AC network and must be equipped with external fuses for short-circuit current protection

  • The total length of parallel connection wires to AC network must be lower than 0.5 m in order not to increase the protection level (Up) provided by the SPD.
  • Wiring is made by screw connections. On some models, a distribution bus can be used.
  • The protection wire coming from the SPD must be connected to the bonding bar of the electrical panel. Paralleling the protection wire with phases conductors must be avoided.
  • The cross sectional wire must be 6 mm² minimum for Type 2 SPD and 16 mm² for Type 1.
  • Local earthing resistance must be in compliance with the electrical rules.

Further information can be found in IEC 61643-12 standard (selection and application principles for low voltage SPD).


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