Enhanced Electrodes

Dissipation charge release into the ground
Earthing dynamic electrodes are important components in electrical and lightning protection systems, whose function is to contact the ground to safely dissipate electrical charges entering the earth. Earthing electrodes are available in a variety of shapes and materials for use in accordance with the environmental characteristics, conductivity and other specific requirements of each grounding system.
Model : RR-ERT-CB-5824A
RR Copper Bond Threaded Earth Rods (D16, L2400) RR Global uses copperbond threaded earth rods of a high quality which comply with even the most demanding regulations in order to achieve long-lasting ...
Model : AT-111H
APLIROD® DYNAMIC ELECTRODE ENHANCED ELECTRODES FOR LOW-CONDUCTIVITY SOILS A lack of free ions in the surrounding ground is detrimental to the correct performance of the earthing. Earthing systems using dynamic ...