Type 2+ AC Surge Protection Panel

Secondary protection for branch electrical cabinets
AC Type 2+3 Surge protection panel provides secondary protection for branch electrical cabinets or main electrical cabinets without LPS (Lightning Protection System).
Model : ATCOMPACT T2 65kA
ATCOMPACT series - Multi-pole power supply protection cabinet including protective fuses ATCOMPACT protection cabinets are made of several protectors from the same series with the aim of protecting all of ...
Model : PDAC50-40-275
Tủ bảo vệ chống sét 3 pha 50kA Type 2   Tủ chống sét 3 pha PDAC50-40-275 thuộc dòng sản phẩm TACpro PDAC50 Series, là dòng tủ chống sét lan truyền thứ ...