Din-Rail AC Surge Protector for low voltage installation. 
Equipment connected to Alternating Current (AC) networks can be subjected to a multitude of undesirable electrical phenomena which will disrupt their operation, cause failures, reduce their lifespan, or even destroy them. 

The ranges of surge protector are designed to meet all the protection needs of Low Voltage installations against lightning and industrial surges. The products comply with IEC, UL and environmental standards. Ranges are classified by product Type 1 or 3 and their AC power supply. These products that are widely used in industry and civil because of convenience exceed technical and safety electrical requirements


Electrical safety for general electrical cabinets
Din-Rail AC Din-Rail Surge Protector, primary protection with 10/350µs impulse caused by direct lightning currents. Type 1+2 SPD are heavy duty devices designed to be installed at the origin of the AC installation equipped with LPS, designed to...
Secondary protection for branch electrical cabinets
Din-Rail Type 2 or Type 2+3 AC surge protector is installed in the branch electrical cabinet where without lightning rod (LPS), or are installed after Type 1 AC SPD equipped with lightning rod (LPS).  VG technology is based...
Surge protection devices to protect electrical and electronic equipment
Din-Rail Type 3 are intended to be installed near sensitive equipment, in coordination with Type 2 arrester installation head
Din-Rail AC Surge protectors & RFI noise to protect sensitive equipment
Din-Rail AC power surge protectors are integrated products that cut the remaining electrical impulses at very low, RFI filter especially designed to protect sensitive equipment. This combination of functions result in enhanced efficiency against transient overvoltages and RF...