DC power systems are used more and more in the fields of industry, telecommunications, energy and many other fields. They are all risk of being affected and damaged by lightning surges or industrial overvoltages like AC power networks. Therefore, it is necessary to equip DC surge protectors appropriately to protect the terminals.

Commonly used voltage level including of:

• 48 Vdc for Telecommunications equipment
• 24-130 Vdc for stand-alone solar power systems
• 380/400 Vdc for Data Center / Telecom Center
• 400 to 1000 Vdc for electric vehicle charging stations
• 750 to 1500 Vdc for Railway electrification system
• 800 to 1500 Vdc for Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and solar/wind power plants


Safety protection for outdoor DC power
Type 1 and type 1+2 DC surge protectors are used to suppress surge overvoltages that increasing from direct effects (10/350us impulses) and indirectly caused by induction. Type 1 DC surge protectors are applied protection for outdoor lines, on...
Protection of the DC power line that installed inside structure
DC power supply lines for equipment installed inside structures such as roofs or cabins are not affected by direct lightning currents but only by induction surge. Type 2 or Type 2+3 DC power surge protectors to suppress 8/20us...
Protection for photovoltaic installation with lightning rods.
Type 1 PV surge protectors are designed to protect for DC power lines installed inside the main electrical cabinets or intermediate cabinets of the rooftop solar power system. Solar Farm's power system can be subjected to destructive electrical...
Protection for photovoltaic installation without lightning rods
Type 2 PV surge protectors are used to protect small and medium-sized solar power systems where there is no lightning rod on top. Or if the system has equipped outside lightning protection system, Type 2 PV surge protectors...