Comprehensive Protection

Comprehensive Lightning Protection Solutions for Structures

Nowadays, protecting structures from the impact of lightning is an extremely important factor for the safety and sustainability of any building. Lightning can cause severe property damage and pose threats to human life. To address this risk, comprehensive lightning protection solutions have been developed and widely applied. In this series of articles, we will provide an overview and detailed look at the most modern and effective protection solutions for structures.

  • Why Comprehensive Solutions Are Necessary

Lightning is a highly dangerous natural phenomenon. With millions of joules of energy released in an instant, lightning can damage electronic equipment, cause fires and explosions, and even result in casualties. Therefore, a comprehensive solution is needed to ensure safety and minimize risks to all entities.

For construction projects such as residential houses, office buildings, and industrial plants, the implementation of lightning protection is not just a preventive measure but also a mandatory requirement according to many international and national building standards.

  • What Is Comprehensive Lightning Protection?

Comprehensive lightning protection is a set of coordinated lightning protection solutions, consisting of two main components: external protection and internal protection.

External Protection: These are direct lightning protection systems designed to safely absorb and transmit lightning energy to the ground. These systems include Franklin lightning rods, Early Streamer Emission (ESE) lightning rods, Charge Dissipation Systems, and rooftop mesh protection systems.

Internal Protection: These are surge protection systems that, in addition to direct lightning protection, safeguard structures from propagation incidents through electrical and electronic systems. Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) are installed to protect electrical circuits and sensitive equipment from sudden voltage spikes caused by lightning.

  • Choosing the Right Solution for Each Structure

Choosing the right protection solution depends on many factors, including geographic location, building structure, and specific requirements of each type of construction. We will guide you on how to evaluate and choose the most effective lightning protection system for your structure, as well as provide information on related international and national standards.

  • Installation and Maintenance Guidelines

Our coverage goes beyond solution selection to include detailed guidelines on installation and maintenance processes. Ensuring that your system always operates optimally and meets all safety and efficiency requirements.

  • Tips and Advice from Experts

We also share tips and advice from leading experts in the field of lightning protection, helping you grasp the necessary knowledge and apply it effectively in practice.

Explore our series of articles on comprehensive lightning protection solutions for structures to ensure the safety and sustainability of your assets.

Typical Comprehensive Lightning Protection Solutions

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Why do surge protection for CCTV systems: Digital or analog CCTV system consists of electronic devices such as cameras, recorders, controllers, monitors, network equipment, etc. linked to each other via wired or wireless transmission cables. Data collected from the cameras is sent to a control unit to be monitored by operators through the transmission system. Surges can damage or even completely destroy these devices so there is definitely a need of surge protection solutions for cameras..

The truck load weighing system in factories, construction sites, roads and industrial parks is often damaged in the thunderstorm season. In order to ensure the safety of assets as well as maintain the correct and stable operation of the vehicle weighing system using Load Cell, we need a complete and comprehensive surge protection solution for  truck weigh stations.