Earthing Accessories

Earthing accessories are applied to obtain a suitable earth resistance

A well-designed earthing system is the basis for any electrical installation in order to ensure the danger associated with fault currents is avoided, protecting both equipment and individuals. In a lightning protection system, a low earth resistance is essential as dispersion of the lightning current takes place within it. Each down conductor must have a ground connection, consisting of conductive elements in contact with the ground capable of dispersing the lightning current. Earthing system is including of earthing enhancing compounds, enhanced electrodes, earth electrodes and other accesories should be used in order to obtain a suitable earth resistance

Model : AT-010H
AT-010H - EARTH PIT Inspection records in which to take measurements of the grounding. Aplicaciones Tecnológicas earth pits cover all industrial and commercial applications.  AT-010H can withstand 5,000 kg loads. The ...
Model : SGP70
SGP70 Isolating spark gap These spark gaps are designed to protect metallic elements, like antennas, poles, pipes, roofing equipment... which are not connected to earth for operating reason, against the ...
Model : AT-050K
AT-050K spark gap for earth bonding The lightning protection regulations earth connections, i.e. those relating to both the earthing system and the lightning protection system. In this way, we avoid serious ...