Solar Power Protection

Wind turbines and Solar power applications are generally located at exposed areas for better wind conditions, onshore wind turbines usually locate at prominent terrain like mountains region and offshore locate at coastwise, by the effect of location and the height of structure, wind turbines have higher annual estimated number of lightning strikes according to lightning location system. Lightning Surge protection solutions for Wind turbine and Solar power applications is a complete range of AC and Telecom-Data surge protectors that are compliant with the IEC 61400 et IEC 62305 standards. The system serves to preserve assets, avoiding fire and explosion incidents, loss or stop of operation due to damage.


Discover the importance of surge protection for wind turbines and how it can help extend the life of your equipment.
PV power plants present a high risk of direct lightning impact and surges due to the large exposed area and the long lengths of the electric conductors.In order to avoid problems leading to costly damage and downtime, it is compulsory to install surge protectors at key points in the PV system 
For low power PV applications, i.e. residences and small offices, it is necessary to consider surge protecting the AC output of the Inverter that connects directly into the electric power grid as well as the DC input side of the Inverter fed by the PV modules.