Data surge protectors are essential for protecting your property, in addition to helping ensure safety, the systems are mandated for occupancy and operation, maintaining the stable and continuous operation of automatic electronic devices. With the advancement of science and technology, electronic boards and components are getting smaller and more sophisticated, using lower and lower voltages, so they become more sensitive and easily damaged. In particular, when they are connected to the interconnection network it probably increases the risk caused by transient overvoltage.

Therefore, it is necessary to equip data surge protectors to be able to minimize the damage caused by lightning.


Surge protection for Ethernet Network
Ethernet Network Surge Protectors have the function of suppressing voltage surges before they penetrate and destroy connected devices such as servers, modem routers, computers and other terminals. Surge protector for LAN can be adapted to the different configurations, parameters...
Safety protection for automation equipment
Signal surge protectors are designed to protect for signal lines which use analog or digital straight copper or twisted pair cables. Signal surge protectors will suppress high voltage surges or noise frequencies on the line, ensuring the safety...
Coaxial surge protector for Video transmission
Surge Protector for Video Survey - Video transmission lines (survey cameras) are regularly subjected to transient surges due to the nature of their distributed application. In order to insure the integrity of these installations, the application of dedicated...