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ThyAn Engineering

THY AN is providing full-service company specializing in customized design & engineering solutions for surge protection, grounding & bonding and lightning protection.
We offer decades of knowledge and experience to our customers, advising of the best methods for risk mitigation in VietNam and neighboring countries. The company's products and services serve for civil construction, office building and contribute to improving the highest level of safety and effectiveness in lightning protection in other important infrastructures such as:
  • Aviation & flight management system
  • Maritime Safety
  • Broadcasting
  • Telecommunications
  • Power & Transmission Plant
  • Factory & Industrial Park
+ 19 YEARS
+ 19 YEARS
Founded & constantly developing
+ 50 Staff
+ 50 Staff
Dedicated, experienced engineering
+ 1.000 m 2
+ 1.000 m
Size of Warehouse and Company
+ 100.000
+ 100.000
Partners and customers have accompanied and supported us over the last time.

Company core values: Reliable Products, Perfect Services.

That is our Action guidelines, every year the company's technical staff is highly trained by foreign experts, always keeping updated with new technologies, improve professional knowledge that may be required to perform around Vietnam and some neighboring countries to achieve superior customer satisfaction.

Vision - Mission



Leading company in the field of surge protection, grounding & bonding and lightning protection. Building a high-value for community, contributing to improving safety in important infrastructures such as airports, flight management systems, maritime management, etc…



Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers. We aspire to the highest level of excellence in our risk mitigation evaluation, product & technology offerings, design, and systems services. We accomplish this by committing all of our resources to achieve superior customer satisfaction.

Traditional Customers

THY AN products and services have been utilized by an array of private companies and governments in VietNam and the countries of Indochina during the past time.


“Reliable Product, Perfect Service”  is Our core values. Our top priority is choosing the Partners who are able to supply safe and effective products, technologically innovative, with the highest manufacturing quality and that meet and exceed the requirements of national and international regulations, to provide good warranty services, quick delivery time and technical support services may need.