Ground Enhancing Products

The efficiency and economics of different ground improvement techniques

Earth resistance reducer is a specific material with physico-chemical properties, providing charged ions and increasing electrical conductivity to the soil, increasing the contact between electrodes and the earth with the ultimate aim of increases the conductive surface of the earth electrode. 

There are different types of earth resistance reducer such as hygroscopic compound, ground enhancing gel, low resistance powder, and so on. We need to select the proper type to achieve the highest efficiency and most savings.


Model : AT-034L
Ground enhancing cement for improving grounding effectiveness APLICEM Ground enhancing cement (AT-034L) In high resistivity soils it is necessary to use a specific material to obtain a suitable grounding resistance. ...
Model : AT-010L
CONDUCTIVER PLUS AT-10L GROUND ENHANCING PRODUCTS   CONDUCTIVER PLUS AT-10L is a non corrosive ground enhancing gel with low solubility but is very hygroscopic. It is made of an electrolyte base, ...
Model : AT-032L
APLIFILL- Compound that reduces soil resistivity The electrical conduction in soil is essentially electrolytic and therefore the soil resistivity depends mainly on the moisture and the salt content. The temperature ...