Surge Protection Solutions

Surge Protection

The surge protection solution is a collection of ways to select application of AC surge protectors are defined by standards. Coordinating them together according to the specificity, scale of each electrical and electronic equipment system need to be protected. Selection the proper surge protection solution will minimize property damage caused by the impact of lightning strikes and industrial overvoltages.

Surge Protection Solution for Intelligent Transportation Systems. Surge Protective Devices are specifically engineered to protect ITS systems from these harmful surges so that the system can continue to operate, even after lightning surges. The SPD’s are designed to react to any overvoltage that is experienced in the system, such as one that would be caused by lightning or switching events. The instant a surge is detected, the SPD is activated and goes to work. By catching, absorbing and safely redirecting the electrical surge, a SPD prevents damage or destruction of your equipment. In addition the SPD stops the surge from propagating throughout the system.

All the safety devices used in your facilities are very sensitive and vulnerable to lightning and switching surges. If these systems are damaged by transient voltages, then the entire protection strategy could be compromise : surge protection is highly recommended. The cost of fully surge protecting an industrial or commercial facilitie is limited and provides peace of mind that your system will be operational when you need it most.

CITEL provides a complete of surge protectors to be installed at different locations of the outdoor lighting network, such as the luminaires, the street lighting pole box and the street cabinets. We offers solutions adapted to every type of outdoor LED lighting systems : urban, architectural, tunnels etc....

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