Type 1 PV Surge Protector

Protection for photovoltaic installation with lightning rods.

Type 1 PV surge protectors are designed to protect for DC power lines installed inside the main electrical cabinets or intermediate cabinets of the rooftop solar power system. Solar Farm's power system can be subjected to destructive electrical perturbance: transient overvoltages generated by lightning. 

When the photovoltaic installation is equipped with lightning rods, it is mandatory to install type 1 PV surge protectors.

Model : DS60VGPV-1500G/51
DS60VGPV-600G/51 are type 1+2 heavy duty surge protectors are designed to protect against lightning surge voltages in photovoltaic power supply network. These protectors are recommended when a direct lightning strike ...
Model : DS50PV-1000G/12KT1
DS50PV-1000G/12KT1 Type 1+2 surge protection (SPD) DS50PV/12KT1 are intended for the protection of photovoltaic power grids. The SPD cartridges are pluggable to ensure quick replacement in the event of a ...