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  • Load Cell Surge Protector
  • 4 or 6 wires transmission
  • High discharge current: 20 kA @ 8/20 µs
  • Waterproof design

BP-LC Load cell surge protector

The BP-LC is a surge protector specially designed to protect the load cells and the mesurement instrumentation, used on weighbrige system or cranes, from possible distrubances or destructions caused by lightning transient surges.
This surge protector is based on fast clamping diodes and gas tube in order to provide powerfull and efficient protection. The diagram is chosen to suppress voltage drops and leakage currents in order to avoid loadcell calibration changes.
The BP-LC construction is completly waterproof to be used in harsh conditions as load cell installation, and it could be connected to 4 or 6 wires transmission.

CITEL part number BP-LC

  • Protected line: 4 or 6 wires weighbridge system
  • Leakage current: 5 µA at Uc= 10V / 1µA at Uc= 5V
  • Maximum operating voltage (line/screen): Uc 40 Vac
  • Maximum operating voltage (line/line): Uc 10 Vdc
  • Protection level (line/line): 18 V
  • Protection level (line/ground): 600 V
  • Surge power capability (line/line or line/screen): 1.5 kW @ 10/1000 µs
  • Discharge current (screen/ground) Imax: 20 kA @ 8/20 µs

Mechanical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: 98*66*40 mm (see drawing)
  • Cable connection: on internal screw terminal, through cable glands
  • Wire type: 1.0 mm² Max.for line/screen, 4.0mm² Max for PE
  • Mounting: Indoor/outdoor
  • Operating Temperature -40/+85 °C
  • Enclosure Protection Class IP65
  • Gland Protection Class IP67
  • Enclosure material Thermoplastic UL94-HB


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