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  • Description: Ultra Compact Type 2+3 hard wired surge protector
  • Standards compliance: IEC 61643-11 / EN 61643-11 / UL1449 ed.5
  • Certification: CB / EAC
  • Technology: MOV+GDT
  • Network: 220-240 V Single-phase
  • AC system: TT-TN
  • Max. AC operating voltage: 320 Vac
  • Max. load current: 10 A
  • Residual Current: None
  • Max. discharge current: 10 kA
  • Total Maximum discharge current : 20 kA
  • Admissible short-circuit current: 10 000 A
  • Protection rating: 67



LED street lighting is now widely used for its efficiency, its energy cost savings and its life expectancy. Nevertheless this attractive technology has an important weakness: its sensitivity to transient voltages created by lightning or by power switch operations on AC network.
Due to its scattered and over-exposed location, LED lighting system will face induced surges which will create failure of its power supply, damage LED components or loss of the lighting efficiency. For these reasons, the use of relevant surge protectors located upstream the LED lighting systems is highly recommended.
CITEL offers a full range of surge protectors designed to be installed at different points on the lighting network such as streetlights, the base of poles and street cabinets.
CITEL offers solutions adapted to every type of outdoor LED lighting systems : urban, architectural, tunnels etc…
CITEL proposes a complete range of AC surge protectors specifically designed for the protection of LED lighting systems in the lantern or connection boxes.

MLPX range is an ultra compact surge protection solution for installation in tight spaces. These surge protectors are available with an output by wires and fixing bracket. In the end of life of security the MLPX indicates its failure (disconnection) by the extinction of an indicator and AC power supply switching off (extinction of the luminaire) inform the user of the need for maintenance. Its IP67 rating makes the MLPX usable in harsh conditions.



MLPX1 format and electrical diagram

Dòng thiết bị chống sét một pha siêu nhỏ của Citel


  • SPD type: 2+3
  • Network: 220-240 V single phase
  • AC system: TT-TN
  • Nominal line voltage Un: 230 - 277 Vac
  • Max. AC operating voltage Uc: 320 Vac
  • Max. load current IL: 10 A
  • Temporary Over Voltage (TOV) Charasteristics - 5 sec UT: 335 Vac withstand
  • Temporary Over Voltage (TOV) Charasteristics - 120 mn UT: 440 Vac disconnection
  • Temporary Over Voltage N/PE (TOV HT) UT: 1200 V/300A/200 ms disconnection
  • Residual Current Ipe: none
  • Nominal discharge current In: 5 kA
  • Max. discharge current Imax: 10 kA
  • Total Maximum discharge current Imax Total: 20 kA
  • Withstand on Combinaison waveform IEC 61643-11 Uoc: 10 kV
  • Withstand on overvoltages IEEE C62.41.1: 10 kV / 10 kA
  • Admissible short-circuit current Isccr: 10 000 A
  • Protection mode(s): Common/Differential mode
  • Protection level @ In (8/20µs) Up: 1.5 kV
  • Internal short circuit protection: No
  • Internal Thermal protection: Yes


  • Technology: MOV + GDT
  • Connection to Network: By wires: 1.5mm² (L/N) and 2.5mm² (PE)
  • Mounting: Wall or plate
  • Housing material: Thermoplastic UL94 V-0
  • Operating temperature Tu: -40/+85°C
  • Protection rating: IP67
  • Failsafe be behavior: Disconnection and AC line cut-off
  • Disconnection indicator: Led green OFF and AC network cut-off
  • Voltage/operating indicator: Green Led ON
  • Dimensions: See diagram


  • Thermal disconnector: Internal
  • Installation ground fault breaker: Type S or delayed


  • Standards compliance: IEC 61643-11 / EN 61643-11 / UL1449 
  • Certification: CB / EAC 


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