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  • 4-pairTelecom surge protection unit
  • Network: RTC, ADSL, SDSL, SHDSL
  • Technology: GDT+Clamping diode
  • Max. DC operating voltage: 170 Vdc
  • Max. discharge current: 20 kA
  • Removable protection circuit
  • Wall mounting and screw connection
  • Standards compliance: IEC 61643-21 / EN 61643-21 / UL497A
  • Certification: UL listed / EAC

B480-T 4-pair Telecom surge protector

The B480-T units are designed to protect terminals connected to telephone or data networks. The protection printed circuit is removable for easy and fast maintenance (S480). These compact boxes are designed for wall mouting and screw connection.


  • Network: RTC, ADSL, SDSL, SHDSL
  • Nominal line voltage Un: 150 V
  • Max. DC operating voltage Uc: 170 Vdc
  • Max. frequency f max.: > 10 MHz
  • Insertion loss: < 1 dB
  • Max. discharge current by pole Imax: 20 kA
  • Line inductance: No
  • Protection mode(s): Common/Differential mode
  • Protection level L/L Up: 220 V
  • Protection level L/PE Up: 20 V
  • Line resistance: < 4.7 Ohm


  • Technology: GDT+Clamping diode
  • SPD configuration: 4 pairs
  • Connection to Network: By screw terminal: cross section 0.4-1.5mm²
  • Format: Wall mounting box
  • Mounting: Wall mounting by screws (not supplied)
  • Housing material: Thermoplastic UL94 V-0
  • Operating temperature: -40/+85°C
  • Protection rating: IP20
  • Failsafe mode: Short-circuit - transmision cut-off - fault mode 2
  • Spare module(s): S480-T
  • Remote signaling of disconnection: No
  • Dimensions: See diagram


  • Standards compliance: IEC 61643-21 / EN 61643-21 / UL497A
  • Certification: UL listed / EAC

Installation Recommendation 

Basic rules: 

  • The way line/equipment has to be respected 
  • Imperative connection to earth

Earth connection: 

  • The length of the eath network connection conductro must be as short as possible : inf. to 0,5 m
  • Minimum section of the earth connection cable : 4 mm²
  • The protection must be connected to the same earth than the protected equipment
  • The equipotentiality, between the protection and the protected equipment, must be done by the shortest way

The protection box, in general, installed at the entrance of the installation (connection box to external network), but regarding these following points: 

  • Respect of the "Equipotentiality" rule
  • Overvoltage trouble can happen inside the installation (coupling with the AC network..) In these case, an installation near the protected equipment is recommended

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