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  • Series
  • Model
  • Brand / Made in
  • LSA+* compatible
  • 10-pair surge protector
  • Various diagrams
  • Fast installation and maintenance
  • Application: Telephone lines
  • Maximum line voltage: 180 V
  • Residual voltage (8/20µs impulse, 5kA): < 600V 
  • Nominal discharge current (8/20µs impulse, 10 times): 10kA
  • Technology: 2-electrode gas tube
  • End of life: short-circuit

10-pair surge protector for LSA+ connection strip

LSA10GT-230 10-pair modules are designed for multi-line protection of MDFs using the LSA+* connection system.
The mechanical layout of the LSA10GT-230 allows instantaneous installation on the connection strip and rapid maintenance.
LSA10GT-230 include primary protection by gas discharge tube only. The gas tubes can be replaced individually.

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