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  • Series
  • Model
  • Brand / Made in
  • Compact Form Factor
  • High Speed, High Energy
  • Handling Capability
  • Insures Network Uptime And Integrity
  • Ability To Protect Almost Every Device That Sends Data Over Copper
  • STD. clamp voltage: 240 V
  • Peak pulse current (10/1000 us s.c. waveform @Vcl): 75 A
  • Response time: < 5 ns
  • Maximum shunt capacitance: < 95 pF
  • Connection to Network: RJ11
  • Wires protected: 2 wire, 2 center pins
  • Mounting: inline
  • Standards compliance: CE, UL listed, RoHS

Inline surge protection solutions for any infrastructure need

Cylix MTJ series protectors are a cost effective solution to overvoltage problems.
Transient surges can enter electronic equipment through any connection, not just the AC power line. Facilities with reliable AC power protectors can still experience surge-related system downtime.
Transient surge energies from sources such as nearby lightning strikes, inductive load switching, ground loop currents, and electrostatic discharge are clamped by AC protectors into the shared communication ground, resulting in damage to expensive communication hardware.
Our MTJ series of surge protection devices cover the broadest range of infrastructure needs imaginable. From single line dial-up up to Category 6 Ethernet units, this Cylix series of products can insure that your infrastructure is protected. All of these devices exhibit an extremely fast response time of less than 5 nanoseconds. All these features and more make Cylix MTJ series of surge protectors the most cost effective and versatile devices of their kind available today.

Important things to remember: 

  1. Read and understand all instructions before installation 
  2. Never install products during a lightning storm 
  3. Intended for indoor use only
  4. Cylix telecommunication protection devices are for use as secondary surge protection at the equipment level behind a primary protection environment (see UL497A ). Usage of Cylix telecommunication protection devices as primary protection renders our warranty null and void
  5. To best protect your equipment, always keep the cord length between the protector and equipment to a minimum, not to exceed 10 inches
  6. The ground wire on the product (if included) must be attached directly to the metal chassis of the equipment to be protected. The length of the ground wire is not to exceed 11”
  7. Verify that the metal chassis of your equipment is connected to ground via a properly grounded AC electrical outlet
  8. Most installations require one protector at each end of the data line
  9. All Cylix protectors have been designed to reset after each surge. In the rare event that the protector encounters a surge greater than its maximum rating, the protector will fail-safe before allowing damage to occur to your communication port 
  10. Cylix protectors are not intended to be used as protection against a direct lightning strike to your facility. It is advisable to consult a licensed electrician to ensure that proper lightning rod protection and grounding equip ment are installed per National Electrical Code.

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