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  • Expert local early warning system for lightning storm risk prevention
  • Detection during all phases of a thunderstorm
  • Lightning formation above site: tens of minutes of early alert
  • Detection of ligthning storm aproching to site: 40 kms around
  • Fully electronic, with no moving parts: Electric field sensor + Electromagnetic sensor
  • Operated by specialists through Internet of Things (IoT). 
  • Expert system. 
  • Risk alerts via multiple channels: smartphone, tablet, private web portal, emails and remote activation of alert devices.
  • Ad-hoc projects. 
  • Adheres to Standard: IEC 62793:2016

ATSTORM® Expert local early warning system for lightning storm risk prevention

When a local lightning warning system is required
Lightning and thunderstorms are unavoidable natural phenomena that pose serious threats to people, goods and services

  • Lightning is one of the most destructive natural phenomena, responsible for an estimated over 20.000 annual deaths and 240.000 injuries worldwide.
  • “Thirty percent of US businesses suffer damage from lightning storms”
  • “Nearly 30% of all utility power outages are lightning-related with total costs approaching one billion dollars”
  • “In the U.S. 16 out of 20 accidents involving petroleum storage tanks were due to lightning strikes”

Areas of application 

  • Health and Safety.
  • Open-pit operations such as mining, shipyards or energy, etc.
  • Potential risk sectors such as oil, gas, chemical, etc.
  • Defence, military equipment, bases, communication sites, etc.
  • Infrastructure operations such as airports, ports, etc.
  • Outdoor activities and events: sports, cultural, tourism, etc.
  • Public administrations responsible for open spaces such as parks, beaches, districts, etc.
  • Environmental risk, disasters, civil protection, etc.
  • Critical electronic environments: data centers, industry, medical centers, laboratories, etc.

The main purpose of a Lightning Warning System is to identify, with the maximum anticipation, the risk posed by both forming and incoming lightning storms

  • Prevention of occupational hazards
  • Suspend work or outdoor activities
  • Suspend or postpone dangerous operations
  • Disconnect electronic equipment
  • Activate auxiliary power systems
  • People evacuation

ATSTORM® Maximum efficiency

  • Detection during all phases of a thunderstorm. We monitor both the electrostatic and electromagnetic fields, enabling the maximum anticipation in the risk of a lightning event
  • Fully electronic, with no moving parts. Our equipment does not use moving mechanical parts, preventing blockages, wear and failures.
  • Operated by specialists through Internet of Things (IoT). The system is remotely operated, ensuring its proper functioning at all times.
  • Expert system. Continuous improvement of its algorithms, increasing their adaptation to the monitored local characteristics.
  • Risk alerts via multiple channels. Our customers receive the risk alerts through multiple means: smartphone, tablet, private web portal, emails and remote activation of alert devices.
  • Ad-hoc projects. We study each location and determine the best system configuration in terms of number and positioning of the detection units.




Electrostatic sensor

  • Class A acc. to IEC 62793 2016
  • Detection range: -32kV/m to 32kV/m.
  • Resolution (max): 1V/m
  • Range: 20km
  • Fully electronic technology (FCES):
  • without mobile parts.

Electromagnetic sensor

  • Class B acc. to IEC 62793 2016
  • Range: 40km
  • Fully electronic technology (RFS)

Power supply

  • Solar panel and batteries
  • 110v ~ 250VAC supply
  • 15W electrical consumption

Communication options

  • VPN Cellular 2G/3G
  • Ethernet network
  • Via Satelite

General Characteristics

  • IP65
  • Working temp: -40ºC +85ºC

Enclosures & mast

  • Sensor: Polypropylene with poder coating for UV protection
  • Interface: Injected aluminium with powder painted coating
  • Mast: stainless steel

Control, analysis and diagnosis center

  • Redundant servers
  • Expert system:

            + Auto-diagnosis of sensors
            + Redundant communication
            + Redundant power source

  • Alarm services:

            + APP
            + Email
            + Website
            + Remote relays

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