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  • Series
    Dat Controler Remote
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  • Brand / Made in
    AT / SPAIN
  • Advance time: 60 µs obtained according to the tests described in the standards NF C 17102 and UNE21186.
  • AENOR product certification.
  • Daily remote verification, with avaliable data in real time at a web app using 2G/3G network.
  • Withstand current certificate for 20 impacts of 100 kA, 10/350 µs wave (ITE).
  • Tested current: 20 x 200kA + 5 x 250kA (10/350µs wave).
  • Certificate of performance under rain (Insulation > 95% according to EN 60060).
  • No external power supply required.
  • Protection radius up to 120 meters according to NF C 17102 and UNE21186.
  • Web portal for daily information on status of air terminals.
  • M2M communication.


Early streamer emission air terminal. Certified, with remote testing & autodiagnostic features.

DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE bases its functioning on the electrical characteristics on the approximation of lightning to earth, providing a controlled discharge point within its protection radius.
DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE protects people and goods against the direct effects of atmospheric electrical discharges, with maximum guarantees.
Autodiagnose and connectivity (IoT)
The REMOTE device allows the daily autodiagnosis of the ESE air terminal without the need to disassemble the terminal or the requirement of any means of auxiliary elevationThe result of the autotest is sent by M2M communication to a receptor device (phone, tablet, computer). The information can be viewed from a website along with other personalized notifications, making the appropriate preventive and corrective maintenance much easier.


  • Reference: AT-2560
  • Dimension: Length 120 mm x Width 120 mm x Height 551 mm
  • Weight: 5000 g
  • Materials: AISI 316L stainless steel
  • IP Code: IP67
  • Working temperature: -25 °C to 88 °C
  • Internal insulation: Polyurethane resin
  • Fixing: M20 male thread
  • Type of air terminal: Electropulsator (emits impulses)
  • Certified advance time (ΔT): 60 µs
  • Tested current: 20 x 200kA + 5 x 250kA (10/350µs wave)
  • Standard deviation ratio ESE/Simple rod: < 0,8
  • Standards: Complies with UNE 21186:2011; NF C 17-102:2011; NP 4426:2013


Protection radius (m)              
Height for protection radius 2 4 6 8 10 20 60
Protection radius (m) for Level I 31 63 79 79 79 80 80
Protection radius (m) for Level II 35 69 87 87 88 89 90
Protection radius (m) for Level III 39 78 97 98 99 102 105
Protection radius (m) for Level IV 43 85 107 108 109 113 120


  • AENOR Product Certification Nr. 058/000005 of accordance with UNE 21186 standard.
  • Withstand current certificate for 20 impacts of 100 kA, 10/350 µs wave (ITE).
  • Tested current: 20 x 200kA + 5 x 250kA (10/350µs wave).
  • Certified advance time.
  • Certificate of unalterable performance under rain applying the standard EN 60060-1:2012.
  • Radius protection certificate and regulation compliance (UNE 21186, NFC 17-102).
  • Certificate of compliance with the standards of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).
  • Certificate of conformity with radio equipment directive R&TTE.
  • Certificate for use in explosive athmospheres (ATEX).
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001 and following ISO 14001 environmental management standard.


  • ESE air terminal protection radius depends on its height related to the surface to be protected, its advance time ∆T and the protection level.
  • The installation of DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE air terminals should follow the standards NF C 17-102:2011, UNE 21186:2011 and NP 4426:2013.
  • The air terminal should be at least 2 meters higher than any object to be protected.
  • For correct operation of the remote testing, orient towards maximum solar gain, avoid shadows and obstacles and check GSM signal.



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