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  • Model
    Dat Tester
  • Brand / Made in
    AT / SPAIN
  • Tester to verify the correct operation of
  • Used for DAT CONTROLER PLUSFLASH CAPTOR & others ESE Lightning Air Terminals
  • Maximum output voltage 5000 V
  • Power supply: NiMH rechargeable battery
  • Included Accessories: 02 test cables with security jacks, 02 clamps & 01 battery charger with power supply plug (110-240VAC (50/60Hz)

Dat Tester - ESE lightning air terminals portable tester

To verify the correct operation of DAT CONTROLER PLUSFLASH CAPTOR & others ESE Lightning Air Terminals.

The equipmetnt applies a high voltage signal to the Air Terminal. Two test leads are used to connect the instrument and Air Terminal to be tested. The test unit displays a green LED to indicate air terminal is operational or two red LEDs to indicate if the air terminal is faulty.

The test unit contains a rechargeable battery to allow portable use in the field.

1. Turn the unit on and charge the battery if required.
2. Connect the test leads to the Air Terminal.
3. Push the test buttons at the same time to start the testing process. Keep the test leads connected and the buttons pressed until the LEDs show the test results.
4. The end of the test is also indicated by the test progress bar. When all the LEDs are on, then the test is finished.
5. When any of the test result LEDs are on, test buttons can be released.
6. The test result LED will be on during 5 seconds.
7. Finally the DAT Tester will turn off automatically.

Test Results are displayed by LEDs:

  • OK (Green OK LED) – Indicates that the test was successful and that the Air Terminal is functioning correctly.
  • SHORT CIRCUIT (Red SHORT CIRCUIT LED) –Indicates the Air Terminal is faulty or the test leads are shorted.
  • OPEN CIRCUIT (Red OPEN CIRCUIT) – Indicates the Air Terminal is faulty or the test leads are not correctly connected to the Air Terminal.


OK (Green OK LED)


  • WARNING. This device produces high voltage. Read, understand and follow all safety instructions prior to operating or performing any testing.
  • Do not handle the Air Terminal or test leads during testing
  • Keep the leads away from sharp edges or moving parts. Replace damaged leads immediately. Damaged leads may create a malfunction.
  • When storing the DAT Tester, store it always with the lid closed.
  • Always use appropriate safety equipment such as gloves as appropriate to the application.

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