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    AT / SPAIN
  • Improves soil resistivity
  • Aplication: filling the ground around the electrode & the conductor
  • Allows rapid and versatile installation
  • High water absorption and swellability
  • The water absorption coefficient ranges: 70 - 100%
  • Swellability over 30cc/2g
  • Long duration
  • Ecological and non corrosive
  • Suitable for all types of soils, electrodes and earthing arrangements
  • Dimensions: 520 x 340 x 150 mm
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • Standards: Complies with UNE 21186, NF C 17-102, IEC 62305

APLIFILL- Compound that reduces soil resistivity

The electrical conduction in soil is essentially electrolytic and therefore the soil resistivity depends mainly on the moisture and the salt content. The temperature is also important, especially in areas where temperatures below 0ºC are reached.
The soil conductivity enhancer APLIFILL® improves both the humidity and the salt contained in the soil, thus lowering the resistivity of the soil and therefore the resistance of the earth termination system.
The water absorption coefficient of APLIFILL® ranges between 70 and 100%, with a Liquid Limit (LL) over 300%.
Hence, APLIFILL® retains the humidity even in the most adverse circumstances, keeping the best conditions for the dispersion of the lightning current.
With a swellability over 30cc/2g, the use of APLIFILL® assures an optimum filling of holes and trenches, giving a good contact between the earth electrodes and the soil even in rocky or stony areas.
APLIFILL® also provides mineral compounds that improve the electrolytic conductivity of the soil, assuring at the same time the long duration of such electrolytes around the electrode even in lands with underground streams.
APLIFILL® is completely ecologic, made with natural minerals that improve the soil conductivity with no environmental contamination or increase of corrosion.


Mix the low resistivity compound APLIFILL with water outside the excavation using the proportion of 1 kilo of APLIFILL to 4 litres of water.
Fill gradually the hole or trench, letting the mixture expand in the excavation.

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