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    AT / SPAIN
  • Non-corrosive and ecological gel that improves soil conductivity
  • Low solubility, very hygroscopic
  • Its capacity to create partially ionized electrolytes, with a high charge and capacity to retain water and form gels
  • Remaining in the ground for a long time, thanks to the formation of bonds with the particles
  • Increasing the conductivity of the ground for one year (considering rainfall of 700 litres/m2)
  • Not causing corrosion of the earth electrod
  • Being totally ecological
  • Dimensions: ø225 x 185 mm
  • Materials: Polypropylene (container)
  • Weight: 4200 g
  • Standards: Complies with UNE 21186, NF C 17-102, IEC 62305




CONDUCTIVER PLUS AT-10L is a non corrosive ground enhancing gel with low solubility but is very hygroscopic. It is made of an electrolyte base, which contributes to the conductivity of the mixture.

The conductivity of the ground is almost exclusively of an electrolytic nature due to the salts dispersed in the water which impregnate it and which concentrate on the surface due to an adhesive phenomenon of the sand grains and clay in the ground.

Therefore, it is possible to increase the conductivity of the ground, improving its absorption power, retention of water and increasing its richness in soluble salts. It would be very easy to achieve this effect using a simple method, impregnating it with any electrolyte, such as common salt (NaCl) or sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), but the high solubility of these salts, as well as their low absorption in the ground mean that they are very quickly swept away by the infiltration waters, making their action very short term.

Another inconvenience of common salt is its corrosive effects on the earthing electrodes.

The components of the CONDUCTIVER PLUS gel have been selected according to their solubility, in order to obtain from the soluble components, a low soluble product, which will provide us with a long lasting conductor product deposit. The main advantage of this product is that a conductor gel is formed below the soil near the electrode.


In summary, the CONDUCTIVER PLUS gel is characterised by:
  • Having the capacity to create partially ionized electrolytes, with a high charge and a high capacity to retain water and to form gels.
  • Remaining in the ground for a long time, thanks to the formation of links with the particles.
  • Increasing conductivity (approximately 200%) of the ground during one year and rainfall of 700 litres/m2.
  • Not causing corrosion of the earth electrodes. Being totally ecological.



  • Soil can be dry; no previous preparation is needed.
  • Prepare a solution of the YELLOW product in 5 litres of water using as a measurement the container.
  • Pour the first solution in the ground and add another 5 litters of water.
  • Let the product leak until its total disappearance (approx. 1 hour, depending on the soil).
  • Rinse the bucket carefully
  • Prepare a second solution with the WHITE product and add 5 litres of water again. Pour this homogeneous mixture on the ground. Add another 5 litters of water. Let it leak until its total absorption (approx. 1 hour).
  • Once the second product is leaked, measurement can be done.


Instructions for a conventional simple electrode


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