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    TACpro / Viet Nam
  • 1-phase surge protection Type 1+2+3
  • Voltage Un 230V, Uc 255V, TOV 440V
  • High performance VG technology
  • Direct pulse tripping current (10/350µs): Iimp 25kA/wire, 50kA/total
  • Propagation pulse cutting current (8/20µs): In 30kA/wire, Imax 70kA/wire
  • Protection level Up/In 1.5kV, residual voltage Up-In 1.1kV
  • Combined wave resistance level Uoc 20kV, specific energy per pole 156kJ/ohm
  • Indicates operating status with color indicators and remote connection
  • Configuration of 2x DS250VG-300 product set (Citel/France)
  • PVC cabinet box and MCB 2P63 (Schneider)
  • Meets IEC/EN 61643-11, UL1449, fire resistance 650oC, IP40


Protection for home and office electrical systems

TACpro PDS252VG-300 is one of the 1-phase surge protectors that integrates all 3 types of protection in 1, this is thanks to being equipped with high-performance VG technology inside the lightning arrester DS252VG-300 of Citel company.

With the ability to cut off direct lightning surges up to 25kA per pole, 50kA total (type 1); Eliminates inductive pulses up to 70kA (type 2) and combined waves (type 3), which means the PDS252VG-300 is capable of both protecting the power source and protecting sensitive electronic devices. .

Therefore, this PDS252VG-300 lightning protection cabinet is very suitable for installation in single-phase electrical cabinets to effectively protect sensitive electronic devices such as computers, control cabinets, corporate offices or residential homes.

TACpro PDS252VG-300 has been completely assembled by TAEC from imported components of good quality, beautiful and neat design, so users only need to connect to the electrical system to use immediately.



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