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  • 6 led projectors in aluminium and glass
  • 2 white led circuits and a red with infrared circuit inside each projector
  • NVG visible
  • Simple installation with no losing parts when opening the flash-head
  • Normally open or normally close relay in case of lamp default or power supply
  • Communication capabilities (controller, Modbus TCP)
  • Test button for day and night
  • Luminous indicators for quick diagnostic
  • 48Vdc surge protection with indicator showing when it has failed included
  • GPS controlled or activated in case of failure or absence of an external controller or/and photocell


Part Number: 113792A

Dual color medium intensity NVG compatible (infrared night vision goggles)

Comply with ICAO medium intensity dual color type A and B

The OBSTAFLASH Lighting System is an LED medium intensity system manufactured to comply with ICAO annex 14 chapter 6 and Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circular 150/5345-43. Each system consists of one flash-head, and can be associated with power supply with ambient light sensor (photocell) and the interconnecting cable.

The OBSTAFLASH system dual color or white only provides a day and night marking solution for all kind of obstacle higher than 45 meters as per ICAO (or 61 meters as per FAA). For obstacle below 150 meters the use of white or dual color flashing light medium intensity type A during day time eliminates the need to paint the obstacle with red and white stripes.

The OBSTAFLASH consists of a flash-head with 6 led projectors made in glass and aluminum cover.

OFI360-RW-048 - The OBSTAFLASH 48Vdc: consists of a stainless power supply inside and an aluminum cover.

Product range OBSTAFLASH OFI:

OFI360 - XX - XXX - U - G

  • XX: color: RW = red at night and white during daytime; WW = white day and night
  • XXX: input voltage: 048 = 48Vdc; 240i = 110-240Vac
  • U: option: U = ICAO + FAA L-865/L-864; - = ;ICAO
  • G = with GPS
OFI360 - 48Vdc main Ref:
  • OFI360-RW-048-U (P/N 113792U): 48 Vdc, dual color: white/red (day / night), ICAO type A & B + FAA L-865/L-864
  • OFI360-WW-048-U (P/N 113791U): 48 Vdc, color: white (day / night), ICAO type A + FAA L-865
  • OFI360-RW-048 (P/N 113792A): 48 Vdc, dual color: white/red (day / night), ICAO type A & B or C
  • OFI360-WW-048 (P/N 113791A): 48 Vdc, color: white (day / night), ICAO type A

OBSTAFLASH OFI360 là dòng Đèn báo không cường độ trung bình cho cột anten


  • Main voltage: 48VDC -5%/+15% (max current 12A)
  • Average wattage: 55W (day time), 8W (night mode)


  • IP degree: IP66 per projector
  • Wiring: Entry of cable by glands nickel plated brass and connection by terminals
  • Operating temperature: -40/+55°C
  • Size of the light: 333mm (height) x 500mm (diameter)
  • Weight: 19kg for flashhead
  • Cable entry diameter: 11 to 21mm
  • Wire cross section: from 1 to 4 mm²
  • Attachment: 6 mounting holes dia.16mm, dia.337mm circle (FAA standard)


  • Effective light output day time at 0° on site: 20 000cd (white)
  • Effective light output twilight mode at 0° on site: 20 000cd (white)
  • Effective light output night mode at 0° on site: 2000cd (red) with IR
  • Color day/twilight time: white
  • Color night time: Red
  • Vertical beam spread: >3°
  • Horizontal beam spread: 360°
  • Flash per minute: 40/30 as per FAA


  • ICAO annex 14 chapter 6, FAA (AC 150/5345-43J), UK MOD, Transport Canada

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