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  • Type 2 surge protector for photovoltaic
  • VG technology
  • 1000 Vdc
  • No leakAge, no operating currents
  • Improved life expectancy
  • In/Imax: 20 / 40 kA
  • Remote signaling
  • IEC 61643-31, EN 61643-31, EN 50539-11 compliance
  • Certification: UL

DS50VGPVS-1000 Type 2 1000Vdc PV surge protector 2-pole

It comply with the European standard EN50539-11. The product is designed to be mounted on a DIN rail.

The plug-in protection module allows quick replacement in the event of a failure. The protective circuit with "VG technology" consists of a Y-diagram composed of Gas Discharge Tube and high-power varistors. The absence of leakage current prevents the surge protection from aging.

The DS50VGPVS-1000 is available with a status indicator and remote signaling.


  • SPD type: 2
  • Network: PV network 1000 Vdc
  • Nominal PV voltage Uocstc: 1000 Vdc
  • Max. PV operating voltage Ucpv: 1200 Vdc
  • Residual Current Ipe: None
  • PV Permanent Operating current Icpv: None
  • Follow current If: None
  • Nominal discharge current In: 20 kA
  • Max. discharge current Imax: 40 kA
  • Current withstand short circuit PV Iscpv: 1000 A
  • Connection mode(s): +/-/PE


  • Technology: VG Technology (MOV+GSG)
  • Connection to Network: By screw terminals: 4-25mm²
  • Format: Plug-in modular box
  • Mounting: Symmetrical rail 35 mm (EN 60715)
  • Housing material: Thermoplastic UL94 V-0
  • Operating temperature: -40/+85°C
  • Protection rating: IP20
  • Outdoor application: No
  • Failsafe mode: Disconnection SPD of the PV line
  • Disconnection indicator: 1 mechanical indicators by pole
  • Spare module(s): DSM50VGPVS-1000
  • Remote signaling of disconnection: output on changeover contact


  • Standards compliance: IEC 61643-31 / EN 61643-31 / EN 50539-11 / UL1449 ed.5
  • Certification: UL


  • Thermal disconnector: Internal
  • Fuses: without


DS50VGPVS-1000 surge protectors are connected in parallel on the DC network 

  • The total length of parallel connection wires to DC network must be lower than 0.5 m in order not to increase the protection level (Up) provided by the SPD.
  • Wiring is made by screw connections. On some models, a distribution bus can be used.
  • The protection wire coming from the SPD must be connected to the bonding bar of the electrical panel. Paralleling the protection wire with phases conductors must be avoided.
  • Local earthing resistance must be in compliance with the electrical rules.


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