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  • Certified advance time (ΔT): 22 µs
  • Protection radius: 62 m (h=6m, Level IV)
  • Suitable for use with lightning protection cable or copper tape
  • Rugged yet aesthetically pleasing construction
  • Suitable for most environments, including corrosive atmospheres
  • Lightweight and low wind loading
  • No internal electronics or power supply
  • Reliable performance in all weather conditions
  • NFC 17–102 and UNE 21186 tested and certified


Early Streamer Emission Terminal (ESE)

Extensive research has allowed ALLTEC to create a lightweight, low wind loading ESE system to provide a safe and efficient manner of controlling dangerous lightning energy before it damages a structure or its important contents, including human occupants. The TerraStreamer® ESE air terminal initiates the upward connecting streamer earlier in time than a traditional lightning air terminal, thus extending the effective range of protection over and above that of conventional lightning air terminals. By utilizing this advanced technology, TerraStreamer® ESEs provide lightning protection to facilities that would otherwise be difficult or cost prohibitive to protect by conventional means.

  • Part Number: TSP-20
  • Weight: 4.88 lbs (2.2 kg)
  • Dimensions: Ø90 x 330mm
  • Certified advance time (ΔT): 22 µs
  • Gain in Lead Distance: 22 m
  • Standards: Complies with UNE 21186; NFC 17-102


Protection Areas              
Height (m) 2 3 4 5 6 8 10
Protection radius (m) for Level I 16 24 31 39 40 40 41
Protection radius (m) for Level II 18 27 36 45 47 47 48
Protection radius (m) for Level III 22 33 43 54 54 56 57
Protection radius (m) for Level IV 25 37 49 61 62 63 63


The TerraSteamer® ESE Terminal tip should be at least 2 meters higher than the area that it protects, including antennae, cooling towers, roofs, tanks, etc.

If the external installation for a given structure comprises several ESE Terminals these are to be interconnected by a suitable conductor, unless it has to be routed over a structural obstacle (cornice, parapet wall) with a positive or negative level difference in excess of 1.5m (see Fig. A).

When ESE Terminals protect open areas such as playing fields, golf courses, swimming pools, camping sites, etc., they should be installed on specific supports such as tower mast, lightning poles, pylons, or any other nearby structures which enable the ESE Terminal to cover the area to be protected.

The ESE Terminal height may be increased by means of an elevation mast. If the ESE Terminal is steadied by conductive guy lines, these should be connected at the bottom attaching points to the down conductors by means of suitable conductors.



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