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AC Surge Filtering Devices

Coordinated protection Cabinets for AC Power (6)

"Double Stage" surge protection panel with coordination inductors

 to decrease dramatically the residual voltage at the ouptut of the protection. The RFI filtering system is ensure by the combination of these inductors and capacitors.

AC Surge Protection Panels (9)

These panels have been specially designed for the standards, the AC networks and the installation conditions used in the USA. Series single and 3-phase, available in several discharge capabilities and built in NEMA 4 enclosures.


Protection for areas with low overvoltages (5)

This protection is especially designed for working in coordination with the power supply protection already seen in previous sections. Usually, we talk about tight protection, whereas in other sections we referred to coarse or medium protection. This aims to protect equipment that is more sensitive to overvoltages (computer systems, measurement or electronic equipment etc.) and designed for the end user. It is also the most flexible since it allows protection for both installations (distribution board) and workstations or a particular piece of equipment.

Coordination Inductors-RFI filtering (3)

Coordination of Surge Protectors. In order to provide maximum protection efficiency, it is necessary to create a «coordination» diagram, that means installation of a «primary» SPD at the network entrance and a «secondary» close to sensitive equipment . . .

Thiết bị cắt lọc sét là tổ hợp các thiết bị cắt sét và lọc nhiễu được phối hợp lại với nhau, bảo vê đường nguồn điện 1 hoặc 3 pha theo các mức điện áp hoạt động phù hợp. «Double stage» surge protection panel with coordination inductors to decrease dramatically the residual voltage at the output of the protection. RFI filtering feature integrated.

Surge Protection for BTS

Surge Protection - Industrial sites

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SPD Installation and Rules

Choosing Surge Protectors

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