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Lightning rod is a common name used to refer to a system installed on the top of a building or on a high pole, consisting of one or more metal rods with pointed ends connected to ground conductors for protection. for structures, buildings and objects below from being struck by lightning.
Mission-critical systems, subjected to even properly terminated lightning strikes, suffer unacceptable damages from secondary and electro-magnetic effects. The advancement of electronic technology over the past several decades demands a constant innovation in lightning protection technology as well. Alltec Corporation takes pride in the continual development and improvement of our TerraStat® line of charge dissipation/charge redistribution products.
This technology is the exclusive and patented technology of CITEL based on the use of specific types of Gas tubes: GSG. These components, the result of over 75 years of experience in the gas discharge tube field, have a behavior adapted to the power network and provide robustness and working stability: their association with varistors combines the advantages of both technologies.
The surge protection selection must be done following the local electrical code requirements (e.g. : minimum rating for In) and specific conditions (e.g. : high lightning density).
TAEC introduces a set of standards from Vietnam and around the world regarding grounding and grounding resistance.
This article will guide you through international, continental, national, and Vietnamese lightning protection standards, highlighting their significance and practical applications in various sectors.