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Earth Electrodes

A low Earth Resistance is essential for obtaining an efficient Earthing.

Conductors with an accurate section should be used in order to carry the expected current. Besides, they must be durable against corrosion.
The value of the electrical resistance must be measured at the Lightning Protection Earthing, isolated from any other conductive element. Therefore, it is necessary to use disconnectors in order to separate the Earthing from the rest of the installation during the measurements.

TerraDyne Electrolytic Grounding System (EGS)

Model: TerraDyne - Origin: Alltec / US
The TerraDyne® EGS is a multipurpose grounding system. It has been designed to provide long term protection from lightning, electrical transients, static discharges, electromagnetic interference and other electrical hazards. The system may be used for virtually any application where the protection of machinery, electronics, and personnel is important.. Detail

Graphite Electrodes

Model: AT-070H - Origin: AT3W / Spain
Graphite, with its high electrical and thermal conductivity, being unattackable and inert to chemical agents (apart from oxygen at a high temperature), is a verygood element to make an earth electrode. The materials used such as perforation filling (graphite powder and thin clay-like powder) assure the contact betweenthe electrode and the ground thanks to the capacity to even penetrate into rocky cracks. External size (mm): 600 x Ø150 and 1500 x Ø50.  . Detail

Aplirod Dynamic Electrode

Model: Aplirod - Origin: AT3W / Spain
APLIROD made of copper and filled with a mixture of ionic compounds. The moisture condenser absorbs environmental moisture and leaches out at the bottom of the rod, lowering gradually the resistivity of the surrounding soil. Easy to improve a ground conductivity improver such as Conductiver Plus around the Aplirod. Vertical shapes & L-shaped are available. External sizes will be length 2metre, 2.5 metre, 3 metre - Ø28, Ø54.. Detail
Surge Protection for BTS

Surge Protection - Industrial sites

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