Surge protection system for Tan Hiep Water Plant

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    Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City


Surge protection system has been equipped at Tan Hiep Water Plant

  • Project: "Supply and install SCADA Control System to protect for Tan Hiep Water Plant" 

  • Contractor: PISA Joint Stock Company

Tan Hiep Water Plant - Application automation in the production process, plant operation.

SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) is the automation management system in industry with the functions of supervising and collecting data. Tan Hiep Water have applied in production to facilitate the control and management of construction items in the system from Hoa Phu raw water pumping station to the distribution network. All data is saved and easily retrieved if needed.

Automation brings high labor productivity, reduces raw material costs and energy consumption, improving product quality. Morever, automation helps improve employee qualifications while also protecting the ecological environment and freeing people from manual, boring and toxic work environments.

As the technology for Water plant becomes more sophisticated, the risk of damage caused by lighting strikes and power line disturbances become intolerable.


Wastewater treatment and storage tanks are the risk of damage caused by lighting strikes


Surge protection solution to protect for Tan Hiep Water Plant

Aware that lightning flashes directly affect the continuity and stability in the operation of the SCADA system, within the scope of the SCADA system installation project for Tan Hiep Water Plant, the Investor has equipped Surge protection for PLC and RIO cabinets can minimize the effects of lightning strikes and industrial overvoltages.

Surge protection system consists of: AC Network Protection with Parallel AC Surge protection cabinets, Telecom and Data line protection: 4-20mA, RS422/485, Ethernet POE, Wifi, Telecom, etc.

The protected devices in the SCADA system:

  • Pump, Electric Valve, ...
  • Water quality meter: pH, COD, turbidity, Chlorin Analyser, ...
  • Measurement sensors: Temperature Sensor, Level Sensor, Flow Meter
  • Controle Circuit
  • Computer Systems and Network equipment


Images of Surge protection system that has been designed and actually installed at Tan Hiep Water Plant


Surge protection devices inside PLC control cabinet 4


1. 4-20mA signal lines Surge Protector

  • Protected devices : 4-20mA signals connected to PLC, including: Measurement sensors (pH, turbidity, residual chlorine, ...), Level Sensor, Flow Meter, etc…
  • Model: 4-20mA DLA-24D3 Surge Protector


Surge protection devices in PLC control cabinet


Connection diagram (symbols: SI4, SI5, SI6)


2. Ethernet RJ45 Surge Protectors

  • Protected devices: Networking devices be connected to PLC by LAN network.
  • Model: MJ8-CAT5E Ethernet RJ45 Surge Protectors


Ethernet MJ8-CAT5E SPD be installed in control cabinet 


3. AC/DC Surge Protectors

  • Protected devices: AC Surge Protectors be installed at each PLC.
  • Model: 1 phase M50F-230S-A Surge protective device


1 phase Surge Protective Device to protect for each control cabinet


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Products Used

Model: M50F-230S-A
  • System voltage: 230 V
  • System: 2W+G (single)
  • Hybrid MOV-GSG Technology and EMI/RFI filtering
  • UL1449 Type 2 LISTED
  • 50kA Surge Current Rating per mode
  • Extended life with no leakage current
  • Visual LED fault indicator and audible alarm
  • NEMA 6: indoor / outdoor used
  • Hardwired connection
Model: DLA-24D3
  • Din rail plug-in surge protector
  • 1-pair
  • Un: 24 V
  • Shield wire protection
  • Without line cut-off
  • IEC 61643-21 compliance
  • UL497A
Model: DLA-12D3
  • Din rail plug-in surge protector
  • 1-pair
  • Un: 12 V
  • Shield wire protection
  • Plug-out without line cut-off
  • IEC 61643-21 compliance
  • UL497A
Model: MS200-240Y
  • UL 1449 5th Ed. Type 1 listed Surge Protective Device
  • System voltage: 240/415 Vac
  • System: Wye 3Ph+N+G
  • Maximum Discharge Current per phase Imax (8/20μs): 220 kA 
  • Impulse Discharge Current per phase Iimp (10/350): 12.5 kA
  • All mode of protection
  • 200 kA short-circuit fault current rated
  • Multi-redundant protection circuit per phase
  • Full on-board diagnostics - LED indicators, remote and audible alarms
  • EMI/RFI noise filtering
  • NEMA 4/4X/12 enclosure
  • Lightning counter (option)

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