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Thermocouple Sensors

Temperature sensors
For each application, a complete offer of specialised sensor: chemicals, glass, metallurgy, plastics, angri-food, pharmacy, etc. Standardized and customized sensors spanning the temperature range from -268°C to +1700°C.
Standard sensors:
- Thermometry components.
- Flanged thermowells
- Sheathed thermocouple sensors
- PT 100 sensors.
- Beaded thermocouple sensors

CADID TCS-1200 Beaded thermocouple sensor

Model: CADID TCS-1200 - Origin: Chauvin-Arnoux / France
Beaded S thermocouple pyrometer assemblies - Can withstand 1,200°C. Standard beaded S-thermocouple assemblies with DAN connection head output, without G1/2 fitting.. Detail

PYRO-CONTROLE K Thermocouple Sensor

Model: TCG9X-K - Origin: Chauvin-Arnoux / France
Standard K thermocouple sensors with output via IP54 connection head and with G1/2 threaded fitting.Hot-welded, insulated from the earth. Single model (1 TC) or duplex model (2 TC). Inconel 600 protective sheath, length 250 to 3,000mm. Can withstand temperatures up to 1,100°C max. (degressive according to sheath diameter). TCG92 model: DAN head with transmitter, sheath Ø4.5 or Ø6mm. TCG93 model: DIN B head, sheath Ø4.5 or Ø6 or Ø8mm. Detail
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