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Temperature controller & Transmitters

For conditioning all temperature and process signals, a range of converters and transmitters, 1 or 2 channels, analogue or digital output

- Temperature sensors: thermocouple and platinum resistance thermometers
- Process input: 4...20 mA and 0...10V
- Linear resistance input

PYRO CONTROLE Graphic Panel Recorder

Model: CA 625 - Origin: Chauvin-Arnoux / France
Programmable recorders with 6 or 12 analogue inputs and 4 logic inputs. Plotted by dots. 6 colours. 6-channel model: 2 DIN formats, 144x144mm or 192x144mm. 12-channel model: DIN format, 192x144mm. Programmable analogue inputs: J, K, T, S, R, N and B thermocouples, mV, mA, Pt100 probes, or potentiometer. Intelligent chart: 100mm or 150mm depending on format. Adjustable chart speed: 1 to1000mm/h. Roll or fan-fold chart. 12 incorporated alarms. Configuration on front panel. Numerous output options: relay, logic, analogue, digital. Depth: 200mm  . Detail

PYRO CONTROLE Digital Controller

Model: STATOP 24-60 - Origin: Chauvin-Arnoux / France
24x48mm Digital controllers (1/32 DIN)1 control channel and 2 alarms or two “hot-cold” control channels and one alarm. Temperature ramp and timer functions. Easy and safe to use with auto-adjusting PID and fuzzy logic. IP65 front-panel protection. Configurable universal input: for thermocouples (J, K, T, E, B, R, S, N or L) or Pt100 Ω probes or analogue voltage or analogue current. Programmable process input: analogue piloting of control setting. Logic input: to commute a control setting. 2 x 10,000-count display, measurement in red and setting in green. Control output: relay or logic voltage or analogue 4...20mA, 0…10V. 90 to 260VAC power supply. Detail
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