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Analog-Digital Oscilloscope

Digital laboratory Oscilloscope, Analyser Oscilloscope, Analogue Oscilloscope, Virtual Oscilloscope, Analogue and Digital Oscilloscopes

OX530 Analogue Oscilloscope

Model: OX 530 - Origin: Chauvin-Arnoux / France
The OX 530 oscilloscope is a simple, economical instrument but nevertheless complete and modern. SMART AUTOSET, ALT and CHOP modes are automatic. It has high-quality plotting and contrast. In addition, electronic switching and CMS technology add to its reliability. Bandwidth 30/35 MHz, 2 channels , Sensitivity 5 mV/div. to 20 V/div , Scan speed from 10 ns/div. to 200 ms/div., Settings saved, Verification of user choices by microprocessor. Selections displayed by LED  . Detail

OX6062 Digital laboratory oscilloscope

Model: OX 6062 - Origin: Chauvin-Arnoux / France
Ergonomic & compact, the analyser-oscilloscope with a touch screen: The OX 6062 oscilloscope is also a "real-time" FFT analyser. With its two 300V-Cat.II measurement channels , it also offers up to 4 curves on screen. Display: LCD with backlighting, 4 curves + 4 references. Bandwidth: 60 MHz. Vertical resolution: 10-bit converter, 4-digit resolution. Vertical sensitivity: 2.5 mV to 10 V/div. Activation modes: Auto, Normal, One-shot, Auto level 50 %, CH1, CH2, EXT, LINE, Front, Pulse Width, TV Frame, TV Line, Hold-off. Multimeter: 2 channels, 8,000 counts + min/max bargraph, date-stamped recording. Other measurements: Resistance, continuity, capacitance, frequency, temperature, diode test. Communication : local Ethernet, remote Ethernet, RS232 & USB. Detail
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