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Gas detector

CA895 CO Gas Detector

Model: CA 895 - Origin: Chauvin-Arnoux / Taiwan
The Physics Line C.A 895 CO-gas detector, range: from 0 to 100ppm, accuracy: ±5 ppm ±5% of reading. Functions: Alarm, Max, Hold. 3 1/2-digit display (2,000 counts), dimensions: 237x60.5x38 mm - weight: 190g. Detail

CA1052 Multifunction Physics Measurement

Model: CA 1052 - Origin: Chauvin-Arnoux / France
C.A 1052 Multifunction Physics Measurement offers a broad range of possibilities:air-speed measurement , flow rate (0-99999m3/h), relative humidity (3-98%RH), pressure (0-1000 mmH2O) and temperature. Functions: Hold, Min, Max, Avg, Recording 8000 counts, dimensions/weight: 161.9x80.8x57.4 mm/380g.. Detail


Model: CA 846 - Origin: Chauvin-Arnoux / France
Physics Line C.A 846 thermo-hygrometer with its built-in sensor can measure ambient temperatures between -20 and +60°C inclusive, as well as humidity between 0 and 100%, 3½-digit display (2,000 counts), functions: MAX/ HOLD/ °C or °F/ Backlighting, measurement range: -20°C to +60°C; -0 to 100%RH, temperature accuracy: ±0.5°C from 0 to 60°C, ± 1°C from -20°C to 0°C, hygrometric accuracy: ±7.5%RH from 10 to 90%RH, ±10%RH from 0 to 10%RH and from 90 to 100%RH. Detail
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