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Earth Testers (6)

Normal Resistivity earth tester: 2-pole and 3-pole methods, Easy to use, Confirmation of the measurement by self-diagnosis.
Quick earth-loop testing: is ultra-fast and safe without disconnecting the earth bar, furthermore these can measure leakage current discharging into the earth. (C.A 6412 – 6415) . . .


Earth & Resistivity Testers (6)

CA 6460 Earth & Resistivity Tester. CA 6462 Earth & Resistivity Tester. C.A 6470N Earth & Resistivity Tester. CA 6471 Earth & Resistivity Tester. C.A 6472 Earth & Resistivity Tester. CA 6474 Pylon Box.

Insulation Tester (14)

Megohmmeters - Analogue and Digital insulation testers

Large measurement range: 50V- 15000V, 2kΩ - 30TΩ. Large screen, shockproof sheath. Step voltage mode, internal memory, PC software (only on some certain models) . . .

Micro-ohmmeters (3)

Micro-ohmmeters : Wide measurement range and excellent accuracy, the 4-wire measurement method, current reversal, test current up to 10 A, resolution of 1µΩ (C.A 6240) & 0.1μΩ (C.A 6250) . . .
Surge Protection for BTS

Surge Protection - Industrial sites

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Surge Protection for PV

SPD Installation and Rules

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