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Electrical Lab Instruments

Portable Oscilloscope (9)

Analogue oscilloscopes, Mixed Oscilloscopes, Mixed Digital/Analogue Oscilloscopes. Digital Oscilloscopes, Oscilloscopes with Isolated Channels, Scopix Industrial Maintenance. SCOPIX Energy, SCOPIX Electronics. General-purpose Digital Oscilloscopes, SPO Digital Oscilloscopes. Oscilloscopes connected to a PC, Spectrum Analyser, Spectrum Analyser and Near-field Probes

Analog-Digital Oscilloscope (2)

Digital laboratory Oscilloscope, Analyser Oscilloscope, Analogue Oscilloscope, Virtual Oscilloscope, Analogue and Digital Oscilloscopes

Frequency Generator & Power Supply (9)

FTC Generator, Laboratory Power Supply, Variable Power Supplies, Arbitrary Function Generator, DDS Generator

Laboratory & Educational instrumentation (4)

Bench-top Multimeter, Large-dial AC/DC Ammeter, METRIX Ammeter, Analogue ammeter for laboratories - teaching, AC/DC voltmeter, Cos-phi Meter, Measurement Training on electrical installations, TRMS multimeter
Surge Protection for BTS

Surge Protection - Industrial sites

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Surge Protection for PV

SPD Installation and Rules

Chống sét Trạm cân xe Oto