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CA2150 Digital Panel Meter

CA2150 Digital Panel Meter

Model: CA 2150

Origin: Chauvin-Arnoux / France

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C.A 2150 Digital Panel Meter

Universal panel meter:3 in 1

  • 1 product, 3 functions : Process/ Temperature/ Load cell
  • ± 20,000-count programmable digital panel meter
  • 3 display colours
  • 4 alarm thresholds
  • Memorisation of min. and max. values
  • Linearisation of input signal over 10 segments
  • Instant mounting, no tools required
  • Rapid connection with adjustable connectors
  • Simplified programming
  • Serial connection for remote processing of measurements
  • IP65 front panel ingress protection
The C.A. 2150-M has 3 inputs that are isolated using opto-couplers and can be programmed by the user, to be selected from 12 inputs. By closing a contact, these logical inputs make it possible to remotely control the display HOLD function, display of MIN. and MAX. values and zero reset of MAX. and MIN. values.

CA 2150, Đồng hồ đo Ampe, thiết bị đo điện trở đất

Choice for digital communication:

  • RS232C connection
  • RS485 connection

Available options:

  • 2-alarm relay card
  • 4-alarm relay card
  • 4-alarm NPN transistor card
  • Analogue output cards
  • Communication cards

CA2150-PRG, programming software:

This software works with Windows and allows direct reading of the measurement, remote configuration of one or more connected C.A. 2150-M panel meters. It also enables backup and recovery of a configuration from an existing instrument. This software CA2150-PRG can be downloaded free from the Software Support are.

Technical specifications of Digital Panel Meter CA2150

 Model CA 2150
 Return to plant configuration
 Change of display colour by activating alarm (programmable)
 Total or partial blocking of programming with code
 Temperature coefficient 100 ppm/°C
 Heating time 10 minutes
  Universal 85-265VAC/100-300VDC
 Low voltage 10.5-70 VDC/22-53 VAC
 Burden 5 W without options, 8 W maxi
 Technical Sigma-Delta
 Resolution ±15 bits
  Pace 20/s
 Filter P (1 to 9)
 Power-outage frequency from 16 Hz to 0.67 Hz
 Slope 20 dB/ 10
  Range -19999/19999
 Digits 5 x 14mm LEDs Programmable colour (Red, Green, Amber)
 Leds 8 functions and output conditions display refreshment
 Process/Load cell 20/s
 Pt100 4/s
 CT 10/s
 Indication of scale overshoot by input or display -oUEr
 Operating temperature -10°C to +60°C
 Storage temperature -25°C to 80°C
 Non-condensated relative humidity <95% to 40°C
 Maximum altitude 2,000 m
 Dimensions 1/8 DIN 96 x 48 x 60 mm
 Weight 160g
 Case material UL 94 V-0 polycarbonate
 Front panel watertightness IP65 (Indoor use)
 Configuration asymmetric differential
 Input ±10 V DC ±20 mA DC
 Resolution 1 mV 1 μA
 Input impedance 1MΩ 12,1Ω
 Excitation 24 V (60 mA) 10 V/5 V (60 mA)
  Input ±15mV, ±30mV, ±150 mV
 Maxi. resolution 1 μV
 Input impedance 100 MΩ
 Excitation 10 V (60 mA), 5 V (60 mA)
 Display resolution 0.005%
 Input impedance 1 MΩ
 Excitation 10 V (60 mA)
 Cold joint compensation -10 ° C to 60 ° C
 Pt100 excitation current < 1 mA DC
 Maxi Wire resistance 40ø/cable, balanced
 Selectable scale (Celsius) / (Fahrenheit)
 Selectable resolution 0.1°/1°
 Programmable offset ± 9,9 ° / ± 99 °
 Sensors  Measurement ranges
 J thermocouple (Fe-CuNi) -50°C to +850°C
 -58°F to +1562°F
 K thermocouple (NiCr-NiAl) -50°C to +1250°C
 -58°F to +2282°F
 T thermocouple (Cu-CuNi) 200°C to +400°C
-328°F to +752°
 Pt100 100°C to +800°C
-148°F to +1472°F

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