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Surge protection for Solar Farm system

Coordination of Surge Protectors

Coordination of Surge Protectors

In order to provide maximum protection efficiency, it is necessary to create a «coordination» diagram, that means installation of a «primary » SPD at the network entrance and a «secondary» close to sensitive equipment.

This association is required in the 2 following cases : 

  • High sensitivity equipment : Improvement of protection level.
  • Long distance (greater than 30 m) of wire between equipment to be protected and primary SPD :

Reduction of ringing voltages created during the surge transmision. Efficient SPD coordination is performed by including between primary and secondary SPDs : 

A minimum length of wire (> 10 m)

phối hợp TBCS bằng trở kháng đường dây dài trên 10 mét

or a coordination inductor (DSH range)

Phối hợp các TB chống sét bằng cuộn cảm L


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