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Surge protection for Solar Farm system

Choosing Surge Protectors with Iimp, In and Up

Choosing Surge Protectors

Choosing Iimp

The impulse current Iimp is defined for Type 1 SPD. The minimum rating for Iimp is 12.5 kA by pole, following IEC 60364-5-534 . This level is adapted to the real phenomenon. This value can, however, be increased according to the risk (calculation according to EN 62305-1) CITEL proposes, in its Type 1 SPD range, 3 levels of Iimp current by pole: 12.5, 25 and 50 kA.

Configuration Iimp/pole CITEL
Maximum risk 50 kA  
Very high lightning density, Bad earthing 25 kA  
High, meduim or low lightning density 12.5 kA  
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