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General for directional wattmeters

ORITEL RW 500 Directional Wattmeter

Technical Specifications

ORITEL RW 500 directional wattmeters are specially designed for the set-up and maintenance of HF, VHF, UHF transmission stations

They measure in watt:

- the power supplied by a transmitter
- the power reflected by the "feeder-antenna" unit from 2 MHz to 2.7 GHz.
Verry simple to use and extremely accurate measurement.
Excellent site or laboratory instruments, sturdy and rainproof
A shoulder bag is available to carry and protect the instruments

The ORITEL range of wattmeters for military and civil applications and for radiotelephony

ORITEL RW 501, 511 and RW 5012 wattmeters have been designed for military and civil use.
They are eminently suitable for this type of market: easy verification of installations without in vesting in sophisticated and expensive instruments. Verifications of the transmitter unit, cables and antennae or audio circuits are easy and rapid and do not require and special technical skill.
ORITEL RW 521 wattmeter for radiotelephony has been designed to enable customers to obtain information, at a lot cost, regarding the installation quality of a transmitter including its cables and antennae.
Measurements are taken directly by the installation assembly team without the presence of a qualified technician being required for acceptance purposes. The same applies to maintenance throughout the lifetime of the system, measurements can be taken quickly and easily.
As regard the parameters, both the power of the transmitter and the value of the Standing Wave Ratio (S.W.R) are measured to verify that the installation's performance conforms to expectations.

Model RW 511 RW 5012 RW 501  RW 521
 Code order  P01.2551.02  P01.2551.04  P01.2551.01  P01.2551.03
 Frequency  2 - 30 MHz  25 - 500 MHz  25 - 1300 MHz  1.3 - 2.7 GHz
Incident Power  30 - 1000 W  1- 300 W  1 - 300 W  + 10 đến +40 dBm
Reflected Power  10 - 300 W  0.3 - 100 W  0.3 - 100 W  +5 đến +35 dBm
 Accuracy  ± 7.5% for average power
± 10% for peak power
 ± 6%  ± 6% from 25 to 1000 MHz
± 8% from 1000 to 1300 MHz
 ± 6%
 Use  Single sideband transmitting (SSB) VHF,
police networks
Mạng lưới FM, TV, radio   VHF - FH
Rural networks
 Impedance 50 Ω   
 Power supply one 9 V battery  2 x 1.5 V battery
 Dimensions/ Weight 180x120x60 mm/ 1.4 kg
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