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Conductiver plus AT-10L User Manual


CONDUCTIVER PLUS is a non-corrosive and ecological earthing conductivity improver gel. The product is composed by a basic electrolyte, which contributes to the conductive capacity of the compound, upgraded by other ingredients that help the conductivity in an almost immediate way and complement the action of the basic electrolyte.


Hoa chat giam dien tro dat AT10L

  • 5 litres container (used as a measure container)
  • GEL 1 packet
  • GEL 2 packet


  • Material: polypropylene
  • Dimensions: φinf195 × φsup235 × Height 198mm
  • Capacity: 5 litres
  • ƒSoil can be dry; no previous preparation is needed. 
  • ƒPrepare a solution of the YELLOW product in 5 litres of water using as a measurement the container. 
  • ƒPour the first solution in the ground and add another 5 litters of water. 
  • ƒLet the product leak until its total disappearance (approx. 1 hour, depending on the soil). 
  • ƒRinse the bucket carefully 
  • ƒPrepare a second solution with the WHITE product and add 5 litres of water again. Pour this homogeneous mixture on the ground. Add another 5 litters of water. Let it leak until its total absorption (approx. 1 hour). 
  • ƒOnce the second product is leaked, measurement can be done. 
  • Instructions for a conventional simple electrode:

Instructions for a conventional simple electrode:


Earth Termination system formed by several interconnected rods

  • Minimum total length of all the buried electrodes must be of 6 meters
  • Arrangement should be forming a line or triangle, separating the electrodes a distance at least as long as their buried length.
  • They should be bonded with an identical or compatible conductor to the one used for the down-conductor.
  • The trench where the conductor is buried should be of at least 50cm deep.
  • CONDUCTVER PLUS should be applied both on the electrodes and in the trenches where the conductor lies.
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