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Consultancy & Design

Grounding System Design

Thy An’s engineering service facilitates the design of grounding systems to meet or exceed any performance specification. Highly trained engineers perform on-site testing to determine soil resistivity and grounding conditions specific to the local circumstances.
  • Generation of a comprehensive consultancy study for provision of grounding. Some of the many applications where it is commonly used include cellular, radio and television broadcasting sites, computer facilities, power substations, communication centers, medical facilities and industrial sites. etc. The grounding system  requires satisfying Viet Nam & international lightning standards.
  • Consultancy of related information and providing many kinds of earth rods including of conventional rods, electrolytic electrodes, graphite electrodes , dynamic electrodes  only what is needed to meet customer’s specifications.
  • ThyAn Engineering Co., Ltd’s highly trained and experienced engineering staff provides earthing environment improvement chemicals. It’s applied to many kinds of soil conditions where has high grounding resistance and where the soil is rocky or excavation conditions are poor. The low-resistivity grounding chemicals can enhance the life time of the system, product manufactured from environmentally safe, does not adversely affect soil, no harmful to human.

 Lightning Protection System Design 

  • ThyAn Engineering offers complete engineering services for conventional lightning protection point discharge system - Charge Dissipation Terminals  (Franklin & CDT) and Early Streamer Emitters  (ESE) Systems based on the Vietnamese and International lightning standards
  • Consultancy of related information and providing of essential knowledge of safety at work for people whose working outside during a thunderstorm.

Overvoltage Protection System Design

  • ThyAn Engineering offers complete engineering services for overvoltage protection system based on Vietnamese and International lightning standards
  • Providing consultancy services and supplying all kinds of Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) 1 phase, 3 phases at Class I, Class II,  Class III and all kinds of SPDs to protect  electric, electronic, and data-processing equipment from transient overvoltages. The applications should be a microwave transmition devices, data and telecommunication devices, broadcasting devices, CCTV, etc… where installed coaxial or twin cabling system.

Consultancy & design on linking, shield and potential balance

  • ThyAn Engineering offers complete engineering services for a linking network MBN, M-IBN, SBN, S-IBN, CBN and minimum CBN.
  • Consultancy of related information linking the lightning protection zones differently.

Consultancy & design on peripheral communication network

ThyAn Engineering offers complete engineering services for consultancy and design on peripheral communication network. We can offer all related documentation that refer to  standards, process and norm how to set up the peripheral communication network

Consultancy & design on against influences of electricity to communication cabling systems

  • ThyAn Engineering offers complete engineering services for prevention of against influences of electricity, electromagnetic, and galvanic of high tension lines, supper high tension lines (in cases of their normal operation as well as happening short circuit) to communication cabling systems broadcasting systems, railway signal lines complying with regulations of Vietnamese and international standards
  • Consultancy of prevention of influences of health to people who working nearly by the electricity lines.

Measurement for LPS

Measurement services for the soil/ground resistivity  

  • Consultancy of methods to measure the soil/ground resistivity. 
  • Thy An’s engineers and field technicians are available to perform complete ground testing services. Our field technicians perform 3-point fall of potential tests, 4-point soil resistivity tests, clamp on resistance test of grounding electrodes, as well as site survey reports. 

Measurement services for earth resistance  

  • Consultancy of earth resistance measurement method that applying the measurement method Fall of voltage 62%, provides the true results.

Installation Services
  • Perform installation services for all lightning protection systems, grounding and power quality equipment including: External Earth Grounding, Internal Equipment Bonding and Grounding, Structural Lightning Protection Systems for buildings and tall structurers, Point Discharge Dissipation Systems and Transient Voltage Surge Suppression Equipment for AC Power, Telephone, Data, RF and Video equipment. 
  • Installation services for grounding systems which applied for electronic telecommunication devices, broadcasting stations, satellite stations, measurement devices, electricity, airlines, oil and gas and other architectural projects 
  • Installation services for peripheral, telecommunication system and networking system. 
  • Thy An Engineers has gained many valuable experiences raising from implementation lightning protection projects for Organizations, Government, etc…. We are completely to provide any lightning protection services that may be required to perform around Vietnamese and some neighbourhood countries that meet customer's expectation. 

Maintenance Services
  • Maintenance the existing grounding system based on the strictly procedures
  • Our trained engineers are available for any requirement on an upgrading lightning protection system, the overvoltages protection system using all the associated standards needed. 

Supervision Services
ThyAn’s highly trained and experienced engineering staff provides supervision of during the time installation of lightning protection system and overvoltage protection systems and grounding systems at all. The system was strictly installed as per technical requirement standards and tested to be working satisfactorily

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