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Exothermic Welding

Apliweld exothermic or aluminothermic welding

is a process that achieves the molecular binding among two or more metallic conductors by a chemical reaction.  This molecular binding improves mechanical, electrical and anti-corrosion properties compared with any mechanical connection. Apliweld exothermic welding is the best way to make permanent, reliable and high conductivity connections for any installation requiring an earthing system

Apliweld-T Exothermic welding in tablets

Model: Apliweld-T - Origin: AT3W / Spain
Apliweld-T Exothermic welding in tablets: Innovative welding compound in tablet form for carrying out any connections using one or more tablets. Two references: AT-020N, the most common one (valid for 90% of connections) and AT-021N, biggest tablets, suitable for welding larger conductors.. Detail

Exothermic Welding Graphite Moulds

- Origin: AT3W / Spain
Each mould makes a particular connection: one mould welds two s pecific conductors (cable to cable, tape to tape, cable to earth r od…), with specific dimensions (50 mm2, 70 mm2, etc.) and joined in a certain way (cr oss or T shape etc.).. Detail

Apliwel Secure Exothermic Welding Systems

Model: Apliwel - Secure+ - Origin: AT3W / Spain
Apliweld Secure+ is an innovative, efficient and safe method for making electrical connections with exothermic welding. The components of this system are: APLIWELD-T: universal welding compound in tablets. APLIWELD-E: electronic starters and ignition unit. Cost saving: the use of a single type of welding compound, valid for any connection, reduces the stock costs. Set-up times get also shorter. Less labour risks: more work safety thanks to the remote electronic start-up (2 meters) and the lack of flammable material needed for ignition. Moreover: enables the work with wind, high humidity and other common problems of fieldwork . . .. Detail

APLIWELD Exothermic Welding

Model: APLIWELD - Origin: AT3W / Spain
The Apliweld welding is based on the reduction of copper oxide by metallic aluminium through an exothermic reaction. Apliweld® has a superior electrical conductivity than the conductors themselves. Do not corrode oxide or degrade with time and is resistant to galvanic coupling. Withstanding repeated electrical discharges. Never increases its resistance. Offering a permanent welding and a low resistance connection, essential for achieving longwearing and trustworthy results in earthings . . .. Detail
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