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Special lightning surge Protection

Preventive protection (2)

ATSTORM storm detector is the perfect tool for preventive protection against the effects of storms and atmospheric discharges as it allows a time in advance of several tens of minutes for taking specific measures when the risk of a lightning storm is imminent, thus keeping people and equipment safe from its destructive effects

Power frequency overvoltages Protector (9)

Temporary overvoltages, which may last several seconds, are due to unpredictable causes such as failures of the neutral connection or sudden consumption drops. Because of such long duration, protectors have to disconnect the installation, directly or through other devices, for protecting the equipment. When the overvoltage disappears, then the device must be reclosed for restoring the power supply. . .


Surge Protection for BTS

Surge Protection - Industrial sites

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SPD Installation and Rules

Choosing Surge Protectors

  • CITEL 2cp
  • Chauvin-Arnoux Group
  • Cylix Corporation