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Surge Protectors for Camera System
D50xxPV-G/12KT1 Type 1+2 PV Surge Protector

D50xxPV-G/12KT1 Type 1+2 PV Surge Protector

Model: D50xxPV-G/12KT1

Origin: CITEL / France

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DS50PV-G/12KT1 and DS50VGPV-G/12KT1 series

These Type 1 pluggable SPDs have a current total of 12.5 kA (Itotal) and are required when the likely direct current lightning is not maximal

  • Type 1+2 Surge Protector for Photovoltaic
  • Impulse currents Iimp/Itotal : 6.25/12.5kA @ 10/350μs
  • Up to 1000 Vdc (Uocstc)
  • Common and Differential Mode protection
  • Remote Signaling (option)
  • Plug-in module
  • EN 50539-11 compliance

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Citel Model DS50 VGPV-1000G /12KT1   DS50PV -1000G /12KT1  DS50PV -1500 /12KT1
Description  Type 1+2 PV surge protector
Network (Uocstc) PV network 1000 Vdc PV network 1000 Vdc PV network 1250 Vdc
Protection mode(s)   CM/DM
Max. PV operating voltage (Ucpv)  1200 Vdc 1200 Vdc 1500 Vdc
Current withstand short circuit PV (Iscpv) 15.000 A
Permanente operating current (Icpv)
Leakage current at Ucpv
none < 0.1 mA < 0.1 mA
Residual current - Leakage current at Ucpv (Ipe) none none < 0.1 mA
Follow current (If) none
Nominal discharge current (In)
15 x 8/20 µs impulses 
15 kA 
Max. discharge current  (Imax)
max. withstand @ 8/20 µs by pole
Impulse current by pole  (Iimp)
max. withstand 10/350µs 
6,25 kA 
Total lightning current   (Itotal)
max. total withstand @ 10/350 µs
12,5 kA  (10/350 µs ) 
Total Maximal discharge current
max. total withstand @ 8/20 µs  (Itotal)
Protection level CM/DM
@In (8/20µs) and @ 6kV (1.2/50µs (Up)
2.8 /5.1 kV 2.6 / 4.6 kV 5.3 / 5.3 kV
Associated disconnectors
Thermal disconnector  internal
Fuses  without
Mechanical characteristics
Dimensions  see diagram
Connection to Network   Screw terminals: 2.5-25mm²
Disconnection indicator  2 mechanical indicators
Remote signaling of disconnection Option DS50VGPVS-1000G/12KT1
- output on changeover contact
Option DS50PVS-1000G/12KT1
- output on changeover contact
Option DS50PVS-1500/12KT1
- output on changeover contact
Mounting  Symmetrical rail 35 mm (EN60715)
Operating temperature -40 / +85 0C
Protection rating IP20
Housing material Thermoplastic UL94-V0
Standards compliance EN50539-11
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