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Earthing Accessories

Spark gap for earthing bonding. Earth pits: The principle advantages of these earth pits are the following: easily storage, good resistance to chemical substances and resistant to UV rays.
Equipotential bonding bar: equipotential earth points, fixed earting terminal, support for tape conductors. Earth Clamping: Earth clamp for connection between copper cable, round or tape conductors to copper or copperbond earth rod . . .

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AT50K Spark Gap for Earth Bonding

Model: AT-50K - Origin: AT3W / Spain
AT-50K Spark Gap for Earth Bonding. this protector maintains the isolation between different groundings, thus avoiding corrosion problems. When discharge occurs and voltage rises at one of the groundings, the spark gap will activate, connecting directly the earthing systems and avoiding current to flow from one to the other through the internal equipment and installations . . .. Detail
Surge Protection for BTS

Surge Protection - Industrial sites

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SPD Installation and Rules

Choosing Surge Protectors

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