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ThyAn Lightning and Surge Protection
MDS200 AC Power Panel SPD

MDS200 AC Power Panel SPD

Model: MDS200

Origin: CITEL / US

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Combiner box surge protector

MDS boxes surge protectors are devices for low voltage electrical installations 120/220/277/480V (Single or Three Phase). These kits are based on the use of modular surge protectors : The implementation of these kits  require no additional devices, are equipped with standard surge protectors  and the corresponding overcurrent protection fuses. Many configurations are available.

  • UL Type 1 AC SPD, IEC Type 1 + 2 
  • Imax: 200kA
  • Imp: 25kA
  • In: 20kA
  • Pluggable module for each mode
CITEL Part Number MDS200

 AC Network  220/380V

 UL  MCOV  Uc  275Vac  420Vac
 TOV Withstand Ut  335Vac  420Vac
 ln IEC/UL Nominal Discharge Current 20kA (x 15 impulses 8/20μs)
 lmax Max. Surge Current 200kA
 Max. Lightning Current  limp 25kA (x1 impulse 10/350μs)
 VPR UL Voltage Protection Rating  900V  1500V
 Up Protection Level at In Up  1300V  1700V
 UL Short-Circuit Current Rating  SCCR 200kAIC
 Follow Current                     lf none
 Replacement Module Number  571500  571400
 Sine Wave Tracking  Yes, up to 50dB (10KHz to 100MHz)
 AC System  IT, TT, TN, Single, Split Phase, Delta, Wye
 Thermal Disconnector  UL 60691
 Overcurrent Protection  No external OCP required
 Dimensions  See Dimensions and Diagram
 Connection  by screw terminals, #4 AWG Max.
 Remote Signal Indicator  250Vac/0.5A Max.; 30Vdc/3A Max.
 Mounting  Wallmount by screws (not supplied)
 Operating Temp  -50°C to +185°C
 Operating Altitude  16,000 ft (5,000m)
 Relative Humidity  5 to 95% non-condensing, up to 100% external
 Enclosure Material  16ga Steel, Optional Stainless Steel or PC NEMA 4X
 Environmental Rating  NEMA Type 4, 12 / IEC 60329 IP66
 Weight  MDS200E 25lbs, MDS200S 17lbs
 Standards Compliance 
 IEC 61643-1 - INTERNATIONAL  Class I & II
 EN 61643-11 - EUROPE  Class I & II
 NF EN 61643-11 - FRANCE  Class I & II
 UL1449 3rd Edition - USA  Type 1
 UL1449 3rd Edition - CANADA  Type 2
 UL1283 - USA Type 2 SPDs Only  Type 2 SPDs Only
 Class 9091 32, Class 9091 92  Class 9091 32, Class 9091 92
 Directive 2002/95/EC  Directive 2002/95/EC
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