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Ground Enhancing Products

APLICEM ground enhancing cement improves grounding effectiveness around any type of earthing rod . . .
APLIFILL Improves soil resistivity, high water absortion and swellability,  long duration, ecological and non corrosive, suitable for all types of soils, electrodes and earthing arrangements . . .
CONDUCTIVER PLUS Gel is composed of a base-electrolyte, providing conductive capability, and other componentes that help conduction and complement the base-electrolyte action . . .

TerraFill - Low-Resistivity Grounding Backfill

Model: TF-25/50 - Origin: ALLTEC-USA/
TerraFill is an easily applied product which produces lower steady state and stable grounding impedance. It produces lower surge impedance resulting in faster transient dissipation. Manufactured from environmentally safe and stable products, TerraFill has an excellent shelf life and long term storage has no performance effects.. Detail

APLICEM Ground enhancing cement

Model: AT-034L - Origin: AT3W / Spain
APLICEM ground enhancing cement improves grounding effectiveness around any type of earthing rod. This product is very useful in industries that require a low grounding resistance such as computerinstallations, radio frequency facilities and substations . APLICEM enlarges the conductive surface of the earth electrode thus improving its earthing resistance,. Detail

APLIFILL Low-Resistivity Grounding Backfill

Model: AT-032L - Origin: AT3W / Spain
APLIFILL Improves soil resistivity, High water absortion and swellability,  Long duration, Ecological and non corrosive, Suitable for all types of soils, electrodes and earthing arrangements. APLIFILL is completely ecologic, made with natural minerals that improve the soil conductivity with no environmental contamination or increase of corrosion. Weight 25kg/bag. Made in Spain.. Detail

AT-10L Conductiver Plus

Model: AT-010L - Origin: AT3W / Spain
CONDUCTIVER PLUS is a non corrosive ground enhancing gel with low solubility but is very hygroscopic. It is made of an electrolyte base, which contributes to the conductivity of the mixture.The conductivity of the ground is almost exclusively of an electrolytic nature due to the salts dispersed in the water which impregnate it and which concentrate on the surface due to an adhesive phenomenon of the sand grains and clay in the ground. Made in Spain. Weight: 4.5Kg  . Detail
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