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Power frequency overvoltages Protector

Temporary overvoltages, which may last several seconds, are due to unpredictable causes such as failures of the neutral connection or sudden consumption drops. Because of such long duration, protectors have to disconnect the installation, directly or through other devices, for protecting the equipment. When the overvoltage disappears, then the device must be reclosed for restoring the power supply. . .

VM230-DIN Automatic AC voltage monitoring relay

Model: VM230-DIN - Origin: CITEL / France
VM230-DIN Automatic AC voltage monitoring relay, protector overvoltages and undervoltages 230Vac single phase: Voltage range OK 195 V up to 270 Vac, disconnection undervoltage > 195Vac,  disconnection overvoltage < 195Vac, three status indication by led... . Detail

KIT ATCONTROL/R PT-M: Self-configurable self-reclosing permanent and transient overvoltage protector for single-phase power supply lines

Model: KIT ATCONTROL/R PT-M - Origin: AT3W / Spain
ATCONTROL/R P series protectors actuate when they detect a permanent overvoltage by tripping the connected contactor (normally open) (S1, S2). This contactor disconnects the line, thus protecting any equipment installed downstream. When the permanent overvoltage comes to a halt, the protector reconnects the contactor.. Detail


Model: IGA TEST M PLUS - Origin: AT3W / Spain
IGA TEST M PLUS: Single-phase protector against permanent overvoltages and undervoltages with integrated miniature circuit breaker. Detail

IGA TEST T 3 phase protector permanent overvoltages with MCB

Model: IGA TEST T - Origin: AT3W / Spain
IGA TEST T : Three-phase protector against permanent overvoltages with integrated miniature circuit breaker. . Detail

IGA TEST M single-phase protector permanent overvoltages with MCB

Model: IGA TEST M - Origin: AT3W / Spain
IGA TEST protectors actuate when detecting a temporary overvoltage, for example a failure on the neutral, cutting off the  ower supply and thus, protecting the equipments installed downstream. The integrated MCB is available for the most usual nominal currents: 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 and 63 A.. Detail


Model: KIT ATCONTROL/B PT-M - Origin: AT3W / Spain
KIT ATCONTROL/B PT-M Complete kit which includes single-phase protector combined against permanent and transient overvoltages, shunt release and main circuit breaker.Nominal Current: 5A-63A, Nominal voltage: Un 230VAC, Maximum overvoltage: Uc 400VAC, Nominal frequency: 50Hz, Actuating voltage: UA 265-280VAC, Actuating time: @275VA C => 3-5s / @400V A C => 0,1-0,2s, Maximum discharge current (8/20μs wave): Imax 15kA, Protection level for In 8/20μs wave: Up (In) 1,5kV.. Detail

KIT ATCONTROL/R PT-T self-reclosing protector against transient-temporary overvoltages

Model: KIT ATCONTROL/R PT - Origin: AT3W / Spain
KIT ATCONTROL/R PT self-reclosing protector against transient-temporary overvoltages. ATCONTROL/R P protectors actuate when detecting a temporary overvoltage, triggering the connected contactor (S1,S2). ATCONTROL/R PT protectors actuate also when detecting a transient overvoltage, diverting the current to the earthing and reducing the voltage to a level that does not damage the connected equipment.. Detail
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